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The Homebuying Process

Guiding Your Path to Homeownership

At Summit Mortgage, we believe that this journey is more than just a series of steps – it’s an ascent towards your dream home. With a legacy of 30+ years in the industry, Summit Mortgage has been a reliable partner for countless families, helping them navigate the intricate terrain of the homebuying process.

Our comprehensive overview ensures that every step is well-defined, guiding you towards a seamless and successful home purchase. From the initial consultation to the exhilarating closing day, let us be your trusted guide as you ascend to the pinnacle of homeownership.

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    1. Initial consultation

    Find out how much of a home you can buy.

    Our experienced loan officer guides will review your income, assets, debts, and your credit to help you with an estimate for a home that fits your goals. You can also see how much home you could afford with our Mortgage Payment Calculator.

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    2. Pre-approval

    Make your offer tower above others in a competitive market.

    Your Pre-Approval is used by Realtors to get you the home you want. Get pre-approved and be a step ahead of other homebuyers. 
Ask about our $10,000 Underwriting Guarantee.

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    3. Find a home

    Find a home, make an offer, and sign a purchase agreement.

    Make sure to attach the $10,000 Underwriting Guarantee to your offer to boost it to the top.

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    4. Home inspection

    Know what condition your house is in and whether there are issues that need to be addressed.

    Your Realtor will assist with ordering this and will let you know the cost before proceeding.

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    5. Loan application

    Complete what we started in the pre-approval process.

    Together, we’ll review a Loan Estimate so that we understand the loan’s terms, including closing costs. We’ll help you make sure you have everything you need to complete the loan process.

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    6. Initial processing

    Your loan is prepared for review, and if the time is right, lock in your interest rate.

    You’re getting closer. Your loan is being packaged for an underwriting review. Our Ascent app makes it easy to deliver the documents you need to complete this step.

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    7. Home appraisal

    What’s the home’s value in relation to similar homes in the neighborhood?

    The Home Appraisal determines the home’s value and provides information on your new home and neighborhood.

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    8. Underwriting

    Your information is reviewed for final approval.

    Underwriting reviews your income, assets, debt, and property details to issue final approval on your new home.

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    9. Closing details

    Here’s where you get all the details about your loan and the title work for your new property.

    We will confirm your new monthly housing payment, communicate the funds needed for closing, and ensure you have a clear title to the property.

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    10. Final review

    The numbers are in, and we are here to help you understand them.

    You’re almost there. Our loan officer will walk you through the details and make sure you are ready to go!

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    11. Closing Day

    Welcome Home!

Ready to prequalify or apply?

Completing a loan application doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.
Use our Quick Start Form and we’ll connect you with a loan officer that matches your unique needs.

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